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power – use and abuse
September 1, 2008, 4:07 am
Filed under: economy

Last month my power bill was $469. Ask my kids – I said it so often they know the number off by heart. Bills like that just make me want to … blog. (lol) I checked and last year at the same time and my bill was $100 less. My first thought was that it was caused by a friend who came to stay for a week with her teenagers – the two kids completely drained the hot water tank some nights with their showers. Then my ex came over and I asked him could he please take away his hunting fridge. He looks inside and there are two peices of venison now horribly rotten in an iced up expanse. I think we found the problem!

So it was a stinky job cleaning out the fridge but now it’s done. And, importantly, an energy sucking leach of an appliance is now unplugged. As if to prove its malignant drain on my finances the next power bill came in today and its 240 less. Of course Im taking shorter showers, switching stuff off and not using heaters as much now but… I still blame that freezer.

It has rained so much in my town this winter that I feel like I could have had some sort of hydro power device coming off my roof line. A friend went to solar power last year and even through winter its been supplementing her use of the national grid. Its just a shame it costs so much to get that installed. Hers cost about 7k. Grid power costs me about $2500 a year. I wonder how much solar offsets your power bills? But maybe I shouldn’t be looking at it just from a cost perspective – it might just feel better to be more energy independent.