Surprise! I'm a single parent

wish me luck!
September 11, 2009, 12:26 pm
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It is 7.07am on a Saturday morning as I type this. I was cheerily tapped on the head by my now 8 year old at approximately 6.06am. It’s her big big day. This afternoon 6 of her friends are coming around for a SLEEPOVER party. I think of this as the ultimate parent endurance test.¬†

Things I have left to do:

rearrange furniture (have already moved breakables)

wrap pass the parcel inserting slow it down and make it last longer jokes (googling now)

write clues for treasure hunt

blow up more balloons

pick up dvds, Singstar and ps2 from video shop at 2.30

have Singstar up and running by 3.30 without IT support

Once again my mother is coming through with a cake. She is just the best mother! And gingerbread men. I love them. We made our own pinyata which is a box thoroughlly masking taped up (after lollies and string handle are applied) and randomly painted. You have to pay $25 for an empty one at the Waarehouse so we thought we’d have a go and it’s been fun putting it together. A liberal application of streamers and its all ready to face the wrath of my old tennis racquet!

As a person who believes in housework in moderation these sort of events are actually quite useful for the inhabitants of my house because I am motivated to tidy and clean before, and necessarily, after – resulting in better storage solutions in the kids rooms especially. Wow they have so much junk!

Anyway must get googling for things like this:

Q. What did the light bulb say to it’s Mum? A. I wuv you watts and watts!