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April 4, 2008, 2:32 pm
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I’ve noticed that there are little advertising banners up the top of my entries. And – perhaps sinister – perhaps intelligent – they RELATE to what I’ve been writng about. I’ve had a few thoughts about this:

  1. There is no evidence anyone else is reading this blog except a little advertising program that must link key words in my entry to its selection. Ergo – this program is my number one blog fan :-)
  2. If I used interesting words like… um …. vegemite, umbrella, corset, topiary, cutletĀ or junket – which would it pick to relate to advertising?
  3. This must be a pretty interesting programme to write. In terms of the logic and trade offs it uses.
  4. Am I making someone money?
  5. Is there a way I could have some?

At this stage it is just interesting – not annoying. Its also been slightly helpful. The makers of the advertising program and the advertisers themselves might be interested to know that after I blogged about a certain outdoor household appliance and my issues with the back yard I saw a little add for Consumer pop up which led me to go compare prices and performance at their site. So – even if nobody else goes in and reads the ads the blogers themselves might be doing it. On a limited level they are working!

Footnote: the advertising didn’t change from this entry – I will keep watching – maybe my advertising fan has grown bored and stopped reading?

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  1.    hmmm 04.04.08 @ 11:41 pm      

    vegemite is not interesting.

  2.    laurie 04.05.08 @ 8:26 pm      

    You have a reader in the United States now!

  3.    hmmm 04.07.08 @ 11:43 pm      

    hey (whiny voice), don’t know how to email you coz i’m basically computer-iliterit,
    but you write well.
    Now get back to work, I need an amusing and there hasn’t been a fresh post for DAYS. Being a single mum is no excuse for slacking, I’m one too (with a rather ‘casual’ approach to parenting.)

  4.    hmmm 04.07.08 @ 11:45 pm      

    oh fek, it was supposed to say ‘amusing diversion’ will ban myself from this site…

  5.    hmmm 04.07.08 @ 11:47 pm      

    Oh fek, it was supposed to say ‘amusing diversion’

  6.    Ally 04.21.08 @ 7:48 pm      

    Hello – I was just looking for ways to promote my single parent forum and came across your blog. Your a very funny, articulate person!

    Don’t suppose you want to write a blog for our forum? You would immediately have 105 readers, and we are growing every day!(been open a month) Just a thought :) Take a look at our forum if your interested (I am not advertising btw…just think your great)

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