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my lawn got a crew cut
June 22, 2008, 8:00 pm
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Im not kidding the lawn got to be knee high. Going to the compost heap was a bush beating exercise.  I had given up on all the people I’d asked to cut it and I was sick of borrowing the people-down-the-road-I-don’t-knows mower. One reason is I hate being beholden to people. It’s awkward and icky. As if to completely prove this point they legitimately asked me if Id look after their cat while they were away. It turned out to be a lot to do with runny cat poos ewwwwwwww and this just made me think no way did I want to end up feeling like I owed them in the future!

Nice people but very incontinent cat.

Anyhow just as I was resolved to planting trees haphazzardly and kissing the lawn idea goodbye completely I was visiting a friend when her lawn guy turned up. She explained to me he was completely unreliable but what I saw was a lawn guy who was ACTUALLY THERE.

I drew him a map to my place, explained the dog, explained where I’d put teh money and 10 days later, early one morning Im making my porridge and staring out the back window and I see it – a short lawn!

Woo hoo. On closer inspection I see why people mow regularly – over time the grass has kinda clumped and huddled together and gotten more bristly but … it was never a great lawn anyway. I wonder if the lawn guy also does lawyering? I want a blunt cut there too….

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  1.    Jo K 07.16.08 @ 8:11 am      

    Having recently become a single parent myself I must admit I’ve gone a little bit tool crazy. I put on my gumboots and get out there are lop, slash, hammer, drill, you name it. Power tools are very good therapy! This sister is doing it for herself. BTW – on the lawn mowing – you can pick up a morrison hand mower for less than $100 – they are lightweight and kinda fun to use. My 5 year old can mow the lawn with it and that counts as all good in my book!

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