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The under rated meal
October 9, 2008, 3:04 am
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You’ve got to love breakfast. For some reason it feels OK to have the same thing for breakfast 4 or 5 or 6 or even 7 days in a row. Three days for any other meal and you know you are a slacker or have an eating disorder. It’s not seen as detrimental to the mental health of your loved ones if you leave them to forage for their own cereal and every eats at a different time and has a different thing. As long as they have breakfast you get a big tick as a Mum.

Breakfast is so great that I often start feeling like breakfast just as I’m slipping off to sleep.

Breakfast doesn’t have a lingering smell like dinner can and if it can be detected its lovely and toasty or bacony and half an hour later if you encounter it you have fond feelings instead of wishing you had an extractor fan.

Breakfast is fast food BUT its not bad fast food like McDs or fish and chips. Breakfast however is chock full of acceptable sugar which gives you a nice high to start the day.

If you don’t quite manage to get breakfast at home you can dip into your emmergency supply of muesli at work and use their milk too – and people just think you are diligent wanting to get started on your emails instead of lounging around at home in your jarmies.

Breakfast has interesting TV with snippets of actual news alongside constant reminders of the time and the weather for people who can’t focus on their watches or draw their curtains.

Normal eating protocols don’t count in the morning. Its acceptable to eat breakfast on your lap, on the run, in the bathroom, at the sink and to undertake other things while you eat it.¬†Every agrees its great to have breakfast in bed!

When I make pancakes its much less effort than most dinners but for some reason everyone feels like its a treat and thanks me for doing it. Even better if I buy a new brand of sugary cereal and place it to be found on the counter the breakfasters are as excited as if its xmas morning and they’ve found goodies uner a tree. But I get the credit!

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