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I’m still not in bed with a lawyer
March 3, 2009, 2:33 am
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In an earlier blog I brainstormed how I might select a lawyer. I thought I should mention I still haven’t got one. This is largely because of the feedback I’ve had regarding their general usefulness.  Their main skill seems to be taking money off people without progressing settlement particularly well. What I have taken from this is that if you are able to talk to each other you might as well negotiate your own settlement, if you cannot talk to each other you still might as well negotiate your own settlement because all you gain from a lawyer or two in the mix is a greater barney with a price tag.

One of my friends has spent several thousand on a lawyer and gotten nowhere – she’s got another lawyer now.

My ex has a lawyer. A last minute, slow, and somewhat illiterate lawyer. Strangely he doesn’t want me to know her name. This would seem to be an impediment to negotiating with her. So I have gone from selecting a lawyer for me – to detecting the lawyer of the ex.

I feel a bit sorry for the ex-lawyer because I am now in stage 5 of the separation stages. These stages are:

1. I’ll settle for nothing just to get out

2. He can take anything he likes as long as I can feed the kids

3. Actually there are a few things I came to the marriage with and I should keep

4. Hang on a minute I worked the whole time and earned more and still did all the housework – I deserve half

And now stage 5: screw it I’m gonna take everything I can this guy has kept me waiting too long and now the blinkers are off I realise I’ve been totally walked over for 15 years and I’m not taking it anymore.


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