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battle of the brat
May 20, 2010, 12:57 am
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Sometimes it feels like it would be much easier to give in than battle. Tonight I asked my youngest to go have a shower. One of my girls is religious about a nightly shower – the other would go weeks or months without one if she could get away with it. I’m hoping hormones and peer pressure will eventually reduce my policing role but right now Im the mean mummy who demands water torture.

I started the battle with an ultimatum that I’d count to three IF. Something I learnt years ago is that its no good threatening to count to 20 because its just too long and to make sure my threats are carried out – so threaten something I feel ok about carrying out (oh and that child protection would be ok with too!). So tonight it was I’m going to count to 3 and if you aren’t heading to the shower Im taking your clothes off myself. I only said one and she was off like a rocket.

All wasn’t sorted however I could tell by the banging that there was plenty of foot stomping and little cleansing going on in the bathroom. So I ended up weilding the shampoo bottle but she was in the room and wet and that was a much easier proposition.

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  1.    your sister 05.27.10 @ 6:57 pm      

    Mine would live in the shower, but that’s not great for the environment. With him its all about the hair. All you have to say is, your hair is kinda funny, why not go wash it, and he’ll be in there.

  2.    wordmonger 02.22.14 @ 9:28 pm      

    I don’t see the connection between my blog and the one you linked to but I’m happy for you to re-blog as long as you credit. Good luck with your blog :-)

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